OGLE - CAMPUS FEED is a mobile application that allows students to post comments, photos and videos without censorship and in total anonymity.  The application is free and marketed to students.  Ogle feeds are organized by school campus. 

The application has been widely used to spread hurtful and negative messages as an avenue for cyber-bullying.  It has also been used to make violent threats aimed at schools in Orange County. 


The Garden Grove Unified School District is committed to a safe school environment free from bullying, discrimination, harassment, and intimidation consistent with state and federal law.  We encourage all parents to take the following steps to help keep our schools safe:


  1. MONITOR YOUR STUDENTS CELL PHONE AND REMOVE APPS LIKE OGLE.  GGUSD strongly encourages parents to remove the app from student’s phone and mobile devices. The best way to be unaffected by Ogle and other harmful applications is to be disconnected. 
  2. REPORT ALL HARASSMENT, BULLYING AND THREATS.  Report any actions, comments or social media posts that involve harassment, bullying or threats to your school administrators.   It is always best to follow this rule – if you see something, say something.  School administrators work closely with our law enforcement partners to follow up on threats of violence. 
  3. REPORT PROBLEMS TO THE COMPANY DIRECTLY.  The Ogle app itself has a “Report” function that allows users to report abusive activity; the company, in turn, can remove the offending user (“for any or no reason,” according to their terms of service).  If that doesn’t work, you can always call the company directly at 949-413-3280.)
  4. TALK TO STUDENTS ABOUT INTERNET SAFETY.  In today’s digital age, our young people have instant access to technology and should be warned about the dangers of acting irresponsibly online.  For information about how to talk to your students about social media safety, visit https://www.commonsensemedia.org/social-media

 General Tips about Anonymous Social Media Applications

  • Nothing online is ever anonymous.  Ogle has already been used by individuals to make violent threats against schools in Orange County.  Law enforcement identified and arrested those individuals who posted “so-called” anonymous threats on Ogle. Ensure that your students understand that individuals who make anonymous threats can be identified and charged by law enforcement agencies.   
  • Even if mobile applications allow young people to post images and videos that disappear after a certain time period, mobile posts are never truly gone.  Every post can be captured through a mobile screen shot and can follow young people for the rest of their lives.
  • Social media cyber-bullying has led to suicides and acts of violence across the nation.  Encourage your students to be kind to each other on social media.
  • Anonymous applications like Ogle can be used by sexual or violent predators to lure young people into dangerous situations.  Encourage your children to limit the amount of personal information posted online.
  • College admissions officers or future employers may check online social media activity as part of their application screening process.